Disability Insurance
Protecting your most valuable asset – your ability to earn and provide for you and your family.

Experiencing a debilitating illness or accident can be difficult. What if you were unable to return to work? What would happen to yourself and your family if your primary income were lost due to a disability? It might be difficult to continue to pay your mortgage, fund your children’s college education, or even put groceries on the dinner table. Income protection insurance, or disability insurance, can protect your family’s financial well-being and provide you with a steady replacement income in the event that you cannot return to work after an illness or injury.

AC Financial Group specializes in protecting your most valuable asset – your ability to earn a lifetime of paychecks that finance you and your family’s lives.

Your plan is to work for as long as you need or want to, but amazingly, 43 percent of all people age 40 experiences a long- term disability before they reach age 65. Do you have a financial plan in place if you are unable to work do to an accident or illness?

A disability can put everything you’ve worked for at risk. Now is the time for you to protect the steady stream of paychecks that finances your lifestyle.

Regardless of your particular situation, AC Financial Group has the product that is right for you. Call us today at 810-742-5926 to have one of our knowledgeable Benefit Specialists match you with a disability income proposal to meet your needs and budget.

Surebridge (underwritten by The Chesapeake Life Insurance Company®)

If you get sick or become injured, even with comprehensive medical insurance, you will likely face some medical or other unexpected expenses. SureBridge helps you navigate these twists and turns by paying cash benefits directly to you to help pay for anything you choose.

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Assurity Life Insurance Company

Assurity Life Insurance Company’s origins are rooted in a 125-year legacy of providing long-term security to policyholders, earning generations of customers’ confidence and trust. Focused on serving the needs of Middle America, Assurity specializes in providing innovative protection-based financial solutions for every stage of life.

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General Agent Center (GAC)

General Agent Center has been a national distributor of industry leading products since 1973, serving thousands of agents and members nationwide. We work with associations such as Value Benefits of America and National Employers Association to help provide members with excellent benefit options from a variety of insurance carriers and benefit providers. Our agents work with individuals, groups, associations and affinity groups. GAC is a one stop shop.

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Combined Insurance

Combined Insurance Company of America (Chicago, IL) is a leading provider of individual supplemental accident, disability, health and life insurance products and a Chubb company. With a tradition of more than 90 years of success, Combined Insurance is one of Ward’s Top 50® Performing Life-Health Insurance Companies and was named the number one Military Friendly® Employer by G.I. Jobs magazine in 2015 and 2016. Combined Insurance is committed to making the world of supplemental insurance easy to understand.

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Petersen International

Petersen International Underwriters (PIU) underwrites high limit disability, medical, life and specialty contingency insurance plans. Discover the benefits!  This application can be used for a single or multiple Disability Insurance uses simultaneously.

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