Critical Illness Insurance
Health coverage for you and your family.

Almost everyone knows someone who has experienced a critical illness of some kind – and survived.  Advancing medical technology is allowing many more people to survive critical illnesses that would have been fatal in the past.  Consider these facts:

  • Between 1994 and 2004, the death reate declined approximately 31% for heart attacks and almost 24% for strokes.1
  • The possibility of surviving a critical illness before age 65 is almost twice as great as dying.2

Critical illness plans are designed to help you through the financial challenges associated with the survival of a critical illness, and can offer you other benefits such as traditional term life insurance coverage and return of premium in the event that you don’t need to utilize the plan’s benefits. The plan’s living benefits are paid directly to you. You choose how to spend the benefit at a time when you and your family may need extra cash the most.

Wouldn’t a check be better than a get well card?

Protect your family’s financial future with a critical illness plan, call us to learn more, or for a quick, no obligation quote now.

1American Heart Association, Heart and Stroke Statistical Update, 2008.
2National Center for Health Statistics