Leaving A Legacy

Leaving a Legacy

Legacy, "a gift by will especially of money or other personal property" is the definition taken from Merriam-Webster's online dictionary. Anything given to you by someone, who has marked you as beneficiary, after death. An article of clothing or a…

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Life insurance for the living

So often when we purchase life insurance, whether Term Life, Whole Life or Guaranteed Universal Life, the first thing we think of is who will benefit from it; those we leave behind. We seldom think about using life insurance while…

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Which riders do I need?

"Mom, I got a call the other day from our insurance agent," said my now 20-year old daughter. "She wanted to talk to me about life insurance, but I didn't know what to tell her."   My bright young off-spring…

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Permanent versus term life insurance

"I already have a term life insurance policy through work that will pay triple my salary if anything happens to me. I really don't need anymore than that, right?" The simple answer is, you only need that term insurance policy…

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Peace of mind to help keep employees focused

"We're a small company with only a handful of employees. We can't afford to provide them benefits, but we'd like to offer them something. What can we do?" At Work Advantage is perfect for situations like yours. There is no…

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What’s the benefit of Whole Life Insurance?

"I'm trying to decide whether to purchase Term Life or Whole Life and can't make up my mind. What is the biggest difference?" The biggest difference is that a Whole Life policy actually earns you money over the life of…

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