Accident Insurance: Get Ready For Summer!

Summer Fun

Planning on an activity filled summer this year? Full of active events like boating, camping, or even skydiving? You’ve got to make sure you have all the necessary essentials in order before you canFriends Camping, Accident Insurance play! Things like sunscreen, hiking shoes, and don’t forget to pack a lunch. Everything seems in order, however there’s something crucial that you missed. “What’s that?” You might ask. I’ll give you a scenario to consider.

Let’s say you’re out boating with your family. It’s a beautiful day, sun’s hot, water is just the right temperature, and there’s no wind. Perfect to put on Water Sports, Accident Insurancethose skis and go for a ride! So you suit up, jump in the water, and get ready to go. Yet life isn’t perfect.

It’s full of unexpected twists and turns. You could hit the water the wrong way and seriously injure yourself. Or worse yet, it could be a boating accident that injures your family or even causes death. Would you be prepared for that? What item could you have prepared for this trip to handle such an incident…?

There is something out there that could help you in such a tragic scenario, and not a lot of people have considered it. Here’s a few hints. It will provide relief to you directly in your time of need, costs little to have, and covers a wide range of scenarios. Specifically, money paid directly to you for your hospital bills resulting directly from an injury sustained from an accident. What you should have prepared for the trip was ACCIDENT INSURANCE!

Hospital Costs, Accident Insurance

Hospital Costs by Age

Having accident insurance would relieve financial stress in the event of an untimely incident. While trips to the hospital may be covered by a health insurance policy, an extended visit can cost you an obscene amount of money and your health plan may only cover so much. With the chaos of being involved in an accident at the forefront of your mind, money isn’t always your first concern! That’s where an accident plan can help

When you have a mishap, an accident plan will pay you directly to cover the costs that your health policy doesn’t. You can use that money to pay your medical fees, or for something else entirely. Were you unable to cover your mortgage payment for the month due to injury? You can use the money you
received from your policy to pay for it. What about groceries, or a car payment? You can cover those too!ER_PC_Accident-Insurance-Rates

Accident plans can start as low as $19.00 a month. Just think, you can have peace of mind knowing you’ll be financially secure in the event of an accident for the same price as a meal for two at your favorite restaurant. Even in an accident resulting in death the money from your policy will go to the person you’ve listed as a beneficiary.

Now that you know what it is and the benefit of having one, wouldn’t an accident plan fit in nicely with the rest of your summer fun supplies?